Zoom G3N Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Pedal Footswitch with Amp Cab DSP Models

Zoom G3N Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Pedal Footswitch with Amp Cab DSP Models
Zoom G3N Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Pedal Footswitch with Amp Cab DSP Models
Zoom G3N Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Pedal Footswitch with Amp Cab DSP Models

Zoom G3N Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Pedal Footswitch with Amp Cab DSP Models

YOUR BEST SOURCE FOR PRO AUDIO GEAR. Zoom G3N Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Pedal Footswitch w/ Amp Cab DSP Models. Intuitive Multi-Effects Processor for Guitarists. If guitar is your passion, you need freedom and flexibility to explore all of its sound possibilities. The Zoom G3n Multi-Effects processor removes any creative barriers in your way.

The G3n is a versatile multi-effects processor that lets you defy genre with the most realistic stompbox, cabinet, and amplifier emulations Zoom has ever created. Its high-quality sound, portable design, 80 second Looper, and intuitive interface make it the perfect addition to your pedalboard.

To put it simply, the G3n offers all the sounds and tools you need to improve your tone and sound greater than ever. Boutique Pedals, Legendary Amps, and Superior Effects. The G3n is pre-loaded with 70 expertly crafted and assembled DSP effects (68 effects, 1 looper pedal, and 1 rhythm pedal), plus 10 of the most realistic amp/cabinet emulators we've ever created.

We've loaded the G3n with essential guitar sounds like overdrive, distortion, compression, EQ, delay, reverb, flanging, phasing, vibrato, and chorusing. Unique multi-effects such as Seq Filter, Reverse Delay, HD Hall, and OSC Echo are also included. Use up to seven effects and amp/cabinet models simultaneously, chained together in any order you like. It's like having hundreds of fully loaded pedalboards all in one compact and easy-to-use device.

Accurate, Realistic Amp and Cabinet Emulation. Choose from five classic amp models and adjust the sound exactly as you would with the knobs and switches of the real thing-and then pair your amp with one of the five new cabinet emulators to complete the sound. Plus, you can download even more faithfully recreated amp/cabinet combinations such as Fender Bassman, Hi-Watt Custom 100, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Orange Channel, Fender'65 Deluxe Reverb, and Orange Graphic120-available now with more being released every month.

75 Custom-Crafted Patches and Counting. Recreate essential guitar tones and pioneer new territory with 75 custom-designed patches created exclusively by Zoom guitarists. Use these patches to emulate the iconic sounds of Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana, Michael Schenker, and Brian May or explore something completely brand new. With the free ZOOM Guitar Lab software, you can look for new effects and amp/cabinet emulators, and add new, exclusive patches from our diverse and growing list of creators, including.

Allen Epley (The Life and Times, Shiner). Andrew Elstner (Torche, Tilts, Riddle of Steel). Vinny Valentino (Steve Smith & Vital Information). Tommy Bolan (NYC, Banzai, Warlock).

Errol Cooney (Christina Aguilera, Stevie Wonder). Wes Geer (Korn, hed PE). Craig Wedren (Shudder To Think).

The G3n's switches and knobs give you enhanced control and have the responsive, hands-on feel of a standard stompbox. The G3n combines three LCD displays to show whole effect-chains at a glance, making it easy to add, delete, or change the order of effects quickly. Plus, you can store up to 150 of your custom effects-chains as patches. There are 68 built-in rhythm patterns included with the G3n, making it the perfect practice rig and enabling "one-man band" performances.

An onboard Looper (which can be used with the rhythm patterns) allows you to record and overdub phrases up to 80 seconds long through the effects of your choice. A built-in chromatic tuner lets you bypass the currently selected patch while tuning, or mute the signal altogether. The G3n can be easily integrated into any live performance or studio rig. In addition to a standard guitar input, there's an auxiliary stereo input for connecting smartphones or music players.

It also includes a dedicated headphone jack for practice and dual outputs for mono or stereo L/R connection to guitar amps, PA systems, and audio interfaces. The Mic On/Off feature lets you optimize the G3n for use with a real amp and cabinet (Mic Off) as well as optimize for playing through a PA system or recording direct with amp and cabinet emulators (Mic On). Our free ZOOM Guitar Lab Mac/Windows software enables you to manage your patches and download new effects and amp/cabinet emulators.

70 (68 effects, 1 looper pedal, and 1 rhythm pedal) onboard. High-quality digital effects, including distortion, overdrive, EQ. Compression, delay, reverb, flanging, phasing, and chorusing. 5 new amp emulators plus 5 cabinet emulators. Free ZOOM Guitar Lab Mac/Windows software allows. Downloading of additional effects and patches. Use up to 7 effects simultaneously, chained together in.

3 stompbox switches allow effects to instantly be brought. Auto Save function for automatic saving of all patch parameters. Onboard chromatic tuner with dedicated footswitch supports. All standard guitar tunings, including open and drop tunings. Tuner range of 435 - 445 Hz.

Stereo/mono Looper allows recording of up to 80 seconds. 68 built-in rhythm patterns that can be used in conjunction. Tap Tempo with dedicated footswitch. Input jack accepts standard guitar cable.

Auxiliary stereo input jack for connection of smartphones. Dual output jacks for connection to guitar amps and mono.

Control input for external expression pedal. Here's what comes included with the G3n. (70 DSP effects, 5 amp emulators, 5 cabinet emulators). Number of simultaneous effects: 7. Number of user banks/patches: 150.

Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz. A/D conversion: 24-bit with 128x oversampling.

D/A conversion: 24-bit with 128x oversampling. Frequency characteristics: 20 - 20 kHz +1 dB, -3 dB 10 k? Display: 128 x 32 dot-matrix LCD (x3). Rated input level: -20 dBu. Input impedance (line): 470 k?

AUX IN: Stereo mini jack (3.5 mm). Rated input level: -10 dBu. Input impedance (line) : 10 k? Output R, maximum output level: Line +5 dBm. With output load impedance of 10 k?

Headphones 15 mW + 15 mW into 32? Equivalent input noise: -119 dBu. Noise floor (residual noise): -100 dBu. Power: AC adapter DC9V (center minus plug), 500 mA (ZOOM AD-16).

USB: USB MIDI, USB Micro-B. Dimensions: 181 mm (D) X 234 mm (W) X 58 mm (H). Weight: 1.28 kg 0 dBm=0.775 Vrms. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & Gear\Guitars & Basses\Parts & Accessories\Effects Pedals\Multi-Effects". The seller is "*pitbullaudio*" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States.
Zoom G3N Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Pedal Footswitch with Amp Cab DSP Models

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